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Bryan Davis

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I got saved when I was eight years old. I was listening to an old Carman cassette tape and it led me to the loving arms of Jesus.

as a small child I watched Pastor Benny Hinn almost every morning.  Watching His show filled me with a hunger to know the

Holy Spirit more. it was this search to know Him more that led me into a 12 year full time ministry endeavor to make His Presence known every chance that I get. 

In 2008 The Holy Spirit through Pastor Benny, Pastor Tommy Bates, and the great late Dr. T.L. Lowery tangibly touched my life in their meetings imparting a measure of their gifts into my life. From that time on, altar services I conduct have been filled with the most amazing  level of the presence of  God that I have ever known, and through the gift of Pastor Bates mantle I was able to plant a church in Northwest Wisconsin and Pastor it fo four years and now by that same grace I also Pastor Revival Christian Center in Jesup,Ga.

Although we are an Independant entity at RCC, I have placed myself under the covering of New Life Church in  Jesup,GA and their Pastor , Justin Drawdy as my spiritual covering keeping me accountable.

I currently hold Ministerial Credentials in the City Harvest Network under Pastor Rod Parsley. Pastor Parsleys spiritual Father was the Late Great Dr. Lester Sumrall and his Spiritual Grandfather was the Apostle of Faith Himself, Smith Wigglesworth.

I am also a member and Credentialed Minister under Calvary Network International, a ministerial fellowship under the covering of Pastor Jim Raley of Calvary Christian Center in Ormond Beach FL. 

I am ordained under World Christianship Ministries out of South Lake Tahoe CA as well.

The biggest objective I have for this ministry is for people to be touched by the presence of Jesus like never before.

if you are looking for a home Church in Wayne County, GA  look no further, you have found it!


Pastor Bryan